…I get lost in the city?

…I don’t know where my group is?

…I don’t know how to come back to my parish?

…I am robbed?

…I am late for a transportation and my group already left?

…I lose my documents?

In case of any situation mentioned above, first of all, get in touch with your group guardian. If this is impossible, please contact your parish coordinator. If this is impossible find the closest InfoPoint, give a volunteer your personal data, Cracow group number and they will help you contact your parish coordinator or find a solution to your problem ad hoc.

Fill in a name and an address of your hosting parish in the pilgrim informational folder.

…Lost/found somebody’s identity card(ID) / food stamp(voucher) / valuable object?

All found objects during MercyFest should be taken to the closest InfoPoint. In case of a possession loss during events, you should look for it in the closest InfoPoint. After the MercyFest all found object are being transported to the Central InfoPoint located on the Cathedral Island (Katedralna 4 Street), open from 9AM till 9PM.

In case of a loss, please contact Central InfoPoint first, in case your lost possession was already found by somebody else. Your next step should be reporting the theft to your group guardian or parish coordinator- they will help you. If you are still in the city center, go to the closest InfoPoint- volunteers will help you report a theft as well.

…I was involved in an accident/ I’m a witness of a serious accident?

First of all, stay calm and assess the situation. Are you okay and safe? Is somebody seriously injured? Does she/he can walk? In case of a major accident call emergency number 112, provide them with detailed and precise information. Don’t hang up first! If injuries are not serious, not life-threatening, look around if there is somebody who could help you. On the DiD’ events there are always emergency units ready, so just call for help. You can also check in the hospital yourself ( injuries, when thorough diagnosis is needed) or to a clinic/infirmary (stomach pain, cold) All possible medical care centers are listed below or you can find them here:  http://www.wroclaw.pl/szpitale-wroclaw

…do you need medical attention?

Report to your group guardian or parish coordinator. Emergency aid will be provided to you by paramedics in medical points, situated in easily noticeable spots, during every MercyFest concert and also during events on the Cathedral Island. Every other situation, that is not an emergency or an injury (for example stomach pain, fever, tooth ache), does not require urgent aid, which is synonymous with calling for an ambulance. In case of mentioned previously medical conditions we ask you to visit the closest clinic.

Clinics open during nights and Holidays :

  • NZOZ Ośrodek Medyczny ZIEMO-VITA Ziemowita 1/9 Street, phone number: 71 784 90 35
  • Regional Specialistic Hospital Gromkowskiego, Koszarowa 5 Street, phone number:71 395 76 07
  • Wrocław’s emergency service, Traugutta 112 Street, phone number:71 342 27 86
  • Kosmonautów Infirmary, Horbaczewskiego 35 Street, phone number: 71 351 28 43/ 95


List of hospitals and other outpatient clinics, usually open from 8AM till 7PM:


Contact your group guardian or parish coordinator. They will provide you with precise informations about means of transportation to get back to the parish or to the place of a certain event. If this is impossible, you can ask a volunteer for a help. Give him your personal data, name of the parish and he will help you find your way home 😉

…. I lost my documents?

Please report a loss of documents to your guardian/ group coordinator/ parish coordinator right away. Getting provisional document, which will allow you to take part in WYD in Cracow and coming back home afterward, requires a visit to an appropriate agency/ department, so do not leave it until the last moment!