… Prayer for the Church of St. John Paul II

Mother of the Church, grant that the Church may enjoy freedom and peace in fulfilling her saving mission and that to this end she may become mature with a new maturity of faith and inner unity. Help us to overcome opposition and difficulties. Help us to rediscover all the simplicity and dignity of the Christian vocation. Grant that there may be no lack of “labourers in the Lord’s vineyard”. Sanctify families. Watch over the souls of the young and the hearts of the children. Help us to overcome the great moral threats against the fundamental spheres of life and love. Obtain for us the grace to be continually renewed through all the beauty of witness given to the Cross and Resurrection of your Son.

… Prayer for persecuted Christians
God, through the mysterious act of Your Love You let Your Church to participate in the suffering of Your Son, please strengthen our sisters and brothers who, because who are persecuted because of their faith. Give them Your strength and perseverance so that they place their trust in You in each oppression and faithfully remain Your witnesses in suffering.
Give them the joy of participation in Christ’s sacrifice and grant certainty that their names are written in the Book of Life. Give them the strength to follow Christ, who will support them in carrying the Cross, and will guard their Christian faith in distress. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer at the tomb of blessed Bernhard Lichtenberg (John Paul II, Berlin, June 23, 1996)
God, our Father, You in Jesus, Your Son, accept all people as Your children. Jesus has become a brother and a friend to all, especially the poor and excluded. Look at these people around the world who are despised; all those who have to live in conditions that insult human dignity. Your servant Bernard Lichtenberg worked in this city as a witness of faith and love. He suffered himself a lot to support people in their physical and spiritual misery. He risked his freedom and life in defense of the persecuted by the Nazi regime, especially in defense of the Jews. We ask you, Father of all men, free the world from the evil of selfishness and violence. Help us follow the example of Bernard Lichtenberg and love people as You love them: unconditionally and endlessly. Hear our prayer through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord and God, who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.