Saint Jadwiga, still young at heart! In your early years you set out on the difficult path of fulfilling the divine calling. Filled with the God’s Grace, you are still a good example and inspiration for young people to strive for a mature life and responsible love. You always understood young people, and they would often seek your advice and help. You connected generations, and built bridges between the separated. Saint Jadwiga, we entrust to you the whole young generation, so often lost in foreign countries and cultures. Prevent them from depravation and loss of precious spiritual and personal values. Don’t let them lose the idealism they naturally have. Entreat the Lord to give them bravery to follow Jesus, the only master of real love and valuable life. Prevent them from getting lost in the world of lies, insincerity, indecency and consumerism. Don’t let them lose Jesus as a friend, who is the most precious treasure for a young person. Amen.