In thirteen churches near Ostrów Tumski the multilanguage Masses started at 1:30 pm. Even the Koreans had the opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist, praying in their own language.

German speaking pilgrims were accommodated at the Dominican. The Eucharist was celebrated by 45 priests and two thousand believers took part. The main celebrant was Dominic Meieizing. The solemn beginning was led by more than ten pilgrims holding flags and a loud reading of the cities they came from. In his homily, the celebrant mentioned six Europe’s patrons, amongst the others – st. Benedict. He said, during the political debates it is worthy to start to talk to one’s self and get involved in the Church’s life, become more active. He encouraged searching time for Jesus in our everyday lives, to look at the world with a perspective of heaven.

During the adoration, a World youth Days’ anthem was sung in German.

– The faith is what keeps us alive – said Leonarda Parduzi, a Bonn group coordinator.

The English speaking groups were celebrating the Holy Masses in st. Cross, st. Maurice and the university church. French could be heard in the garrison and the Most blessed Virgin Mary church. St. Matthias parish hosted the Koreans. The Ukrainian group was praying in the Greek Catholic parish, at the Nankier place. The Spanish were celebrating the Eucharist in st. Michael Archangel church and in the Cathedral. The Romanian group was spending their prayer time in st. Peter and Paul parish. The Poles celebrated the Holy Mass in st. Boniface and the Care of st. Joseph parish in Wrocław.

Teresa Grabiec