Hugs, exchanging contact, even tears. Over 10 thousands of pilgrims and each of them at least a little bit beloved Wrocław. Now they are on their way to Trzebnica, a station on the trial to the main destination: meeting the pope in Cracow.

After a breakfast with the families or at the schools, the foreign guests got on the buses or trains and set off to Trzebnica. Excitement for Cracow was mixed with sorrow, caused by farewells, going away from Wrocław and leaving all the people met here.

A solemn Closing Mass, celebrated by archbishop Józef Kupny will start in Trzebnica at 11.00 am.

– All of families were crying. As a souvenir, Colombians handed a nationals bracelet to everyone – says Maria Skomorowska from st. Andrew the Apostol parish at Bielany Wrocławskie.











Teresa Grabiec

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