Those who hadn’t gone to Częstochowa, gathered in Trzebnica. Thousands of young people from various parts of the world listened to the words of Archbishop Józef Kupny and received an individual blessing. They are ready for the next stage of World Youth Days in Cracow. 

The Holy Mass in Trzebnica was opened with a procession. The World Youth Days’ Choir of Wrocław amazed the gathered people with the performance of a unique and professional entrance song. The Choir kept adorning the Eucharist with a gospel-style music.

The Gospel itself was read in Polish and English language. A homily could be heard in five different languages.

In his sermon, the archbishop concentrated on a Christian meaning of the word “courage”. He explained, being courageous can’t be mistaken for relying on one’s skills and abilities. It has to be understood as a presence, activity – here and now, regardless of being scared. It is taking the world as it is.


– We must take the Gospel to this very world. – he stressed, ensuring there is Christ himself supporting us.

Referring the the words of today’s Gospel: “Anyone who does the will of God, that person is my brother and sister and mother.”, the archbishop called the youth to become the Mother of Jesus. He explained it this way:

– Mother is the one, who gives life. If, thanks to your attitude, testimony, your faith or doing the will of God, Jesus is being born in another person’s heart – you become the Mother of Jesus.

The archbishop pointed at the Christ’s example, showing, that He was constantly on His way, looking for people.

Thousands of gathered people thanked the Metropolitan of Wrocław with rousing applause. Some people were smiling, on some faces there were seen tears.



After the Eucharist, the Choir led the worship. The youth was full of joy, showing it by clapping their hands and singing out loud.

At the end of the Mass, the archbishop blessed everybody with st. Hedwig’s relics. After the common blessing, priests from all over the world came in front to bless and send everyone out individually.

Now the pilgrims are eating their meal, after which they will be on their road to Cracow. It means the Days in Dioceses are over, but we’re already halfway through this year’s World Youth Days.



Teresa Grabiec

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