“Are you ready to live life to the full?”- asked the pope. Loud cries “yes” from the crowd were a strict answer.

After greeting the continents and the countries, followed by mentioning the saints of specific places, Francis gave a sermon preached to the youth. He asked if they have dreams and warned them against being young “pensioners” and being boring.

After touching words, he blessed the youth.

After the blessing, waves of people headed from Błonia to Franciszkańska street, to be ready to hear a speech “from the window”. There, the pope encouraged to love everyday and to avoid lasting in discord.

– It’s hard to describe what is happening here.- says touched Kamila, who came to ŚDM from Wrocław. – giant joy and unity, constant cries, common greetings and sincere smiles.

Tomorrow there’s the Way of the Cross Day. Youth will have the opportunity to calm down close to the Cross, which is a sign of God’s mercy.

Teresa Grabiec