Poland didn’t freeze, it kind of awakes. Two millions of young hearts from all over the world have come for World Youth Days to Cracow. They weren’t intimidated by the terror threatening, by warnings coming from the media and by the parents’ anxiety. They trusted in God.


They gather for God and nothing else matters. At the beginning a little bit lost in a new place, slightly frustrated by a long journey, later more and more calm and feeling safely. They cry and they jump because of joy. They call: “Papa Francesco!” and long to listen to him. And he invites them to leave the mediocrity, the fear and a cosy couch. He wants brotherhood, communion and family to be a response for terror. He is grateful for the Polish good and  has touched the world with his warmth and simplicity.


– To join Jesus, one needs a bit of courage. A decision of changing a couch for a pair of shoes is necessary. The shoes will let you wander at roads you haven’t even known yet, you haven’t event dreamed of – says the pope.


Joy, smile and enthusiasm. Kindness and good. Unity – we are all one family. The youth breaks all the language, culture and fears barriers. Only one language exists – the language of love. Light of the good, the beauty and the truth. Sometimes words are not needed. A smile, a kind gesture or a common silence is enough. How beautiful is a young heart, which has a courage to touch the heaven here, on earth. Affected with the atmosphere, The Cracow citizens say that if everybody was like that, the world would be much more beautiful and better.


Charmed with our hospitality, openness and kindness, the pilgrims beloved Poland. They talk with love about saint John Paul II. They wished to touch his land and now they sing ‘Barka’ in their own languages and pray together with us. Emotions and tears… Because it is the only life that makes sense.

– You show so much joy and love. Even though we jammed your cities, I feel welcomed. It’s so much different in here, comparing to other parts of Europe. It’s a great gift to be able to be here, with you – says Julio Herrea from Salvador,  Brazil.


The beauty of life, the beauty of each moment. The beauty of meeting. A sense of each trouble, fatigue. The courage to leave your room, to pack a rucksack and to go to meet Jesus.  To fight the egoism, the fears and to let the true Love to capture you. To have the courage to trust, that God takes care of everything and He will give us anything we need at the moment.


– Before I came, I had thought the people here are cold. However, I met people, who were opening their hot hearts to us. Today, I feel we are one family. The Church is a family – says Juana Belen Garcia from Argentina.


Though the World Youth Days are over, they are already starting in each other’s heart. Nobody is going to come back home unchanged. Nothing will be the same now. Poland awakens from the terror of egoism, hatred and disbelief. The youth was called to bring hope. They are taking a spark of mercy from Cracow. They are coming home, to show God’s great love to people and to change the world. To live their lives to the full, to build bridges, not walls. To go through the Way of the Cross – the way of happiness and future, the way without fear. To risk, to meet another human. To stop feeding one’s soul with fear and search for beautiful love.


Happy are who don’t let the world to intimidate and stupefy them. Happy – having the courage to live, not to vegetate. Happy are who choose love, service and passion instead of blindness. Happy are who rather than stay on a comfortable couch, put a pair of shoes on and walk through the world carring hope and a heart of beautiful dreams. Happy are who love God and let the wheel of their live to Him only.


Justyna Kaleta

fot. Dominik Gawron