Author: Ann Sowińska

the Centennial Hall – the Cognitive Center

FROM – TO: 20.07 – 26.07.2016 WHERE: Wystawowa Street 1 DESCRIPTION: This unusual educational space shows to visitors the history of the Centennial Hall, a genesis of its rise and changes over the years, simultanously introducing into world of tomorrow’s architectural projects. Touchscreens and touchmaps, an interactive floor models of buildings, over 600 photos and various visualisations, interactive games and plays not only for the children – this all is presented in climatically arranged interiors, with using the highest quality audivisual equipment. ENTRY: For DiD’ participants the entry in the price of 5 PLN on the Wroclaw DiD ID’s presentation. Groups are requested to register prior:

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ZOO and Africarium

FROM – TO: 20.07 – 26.07.2016 WHERE: Wroblewskiego Street 1-5 DESCRIPTION: The ZOO of Wroclaw is the oldest (150 years) and the widest known zoological garden in Poland, possessing the richest collection of animals. The Africarium is an object presenting full of life waters of Africa. The complex shows different ecosystems connected with the water environment of the Black Land.Together there are 19 pools and reservoirs showing, i. a. a coral reef of the Red Sea, Nile hippos, freshwater fish from Tanganika and Malawi lakes. ENTRY: For DiD’ participants the entry in the price of 20 PLN on the Wroclaw DiD ID’s...

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FROM – TO: 20.07 – 26.07.2016 WHERE: Borowska Street 99 DESCRIPTION: Aquapark Wroclaw has been existing since 2008. It is one of the best and the most visited aquaparks in Europe. Over 1.5 Million people visits it every year. In the recreational pools zone at visitors’ disposal are inner and outer pools, jaccuzi, slides, water jets, etc. ENTRY: Preferential purchase of 2h entry at the price of 1h entry (the offer will be valid from 20th to 26th July from 10 AM to 4 PM, includes Recreational Pools...

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Singing Europe concert

FROM – TO: 23.07 WHERE: the City Stadium, Slaska Avenue 1 DESCRIPTION: The main idea of this event is a meeting of several dozens of choirs from whole Europe and a presentation of great works of opera music, oratorio music and a capella songs in cooperation with experienced, renowned artists. Participants will be amateur singers as well as world music scenes’ stars. Common concerts and meetings will make it possible for them to share experiences and explore foreign cultures. ENTRY: Entry as a part of...

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the Forgotten City: Polish Cello Quartet

FROM – TO: 24.07 – 24.07.2016 WHERE: Leipzigers’ Palace (nowadays Surveying Company Proxima) Wierzbowa Street 15 DESCRIPTION: A concert of a cello quartet in an unusual place – at Wierzbowa Street, which can boast of a garden famous in whole Europe, settled in the XVIth century, as well as of a Oppersdorf-Lamberg’s palace and a mansion of Leipziger family. Instead of the garden we have the Dominikanski office building, but palaces survived. ENTRY: The concert is organized by NMF. Free...

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Wstań i chodź

Parlament Młodych 2019


Diecezjalne Duszpasterstwo Młodzieży Wrocław
ul. Katedralna 4
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tel.: 71/327-11-09

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ks. Zbigniew Kowal
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