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The exhibition ‘Forgiveness and Reconciliation. Cardinal Kominek, an unrecognized Father of Europe’

The exhibition ‘Forgiveness and Reconciliation. Cardinal Kominek, an unrecognized Father of Europe’ presents the fig­ure of Boleslaw Kominek, archbishop of Wroclaw, the author of the letter sent in 1965 by Polish bishops to their German counterparts containing the famous sentence ‘We forgive and ask for forgiveness’. This gesture started the process of Polish-German reconciliation without which the eastward enlargement of the European Union would have been jeopardized, if not completely impossible. The exhibition is set against a background that is a brief presentation of the events that form a thread of Polish-German and European history before, during, and after...

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Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak

FROM – TO: 17.07 – 4.09.2016 WHERE: the Museum of Architecture, Bernardynska Street 5. DESCRIPTION: Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak is connected mostly with the residential-commercial complex on Grunwaldzki Square in Wroclaw. Connected with this city from the start, she worked on rebuilding its historical buildings and projected, i. a., first housing estates and modern schools and then – not only in Wroclaw – huge shopping centres, housing complexes and churches. The exhibition presenting brave realizations and conceptual projects will be the first opportunity to take a look at her whole, extremely varied work.  ENTRY: Tickets: 5-7-10 PLN; Group tickets: ok. 5-7 PLN. Group tickets’ reservation:  Marta Czyż, tel. 889 742 135,...

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Faith in the culture

FROM – TO: 15.06 – 12.09.2016 WHERE: The Church of the Holy Cross (Cathedral Island), Cathedral Square DESCRIPTION: In the exhibition will take a part about 50 artists from Wroclaw and Lower Silesia. Artists refer to important ceremonies of 2016, especially the WYD with pope Francis in Cracow. The exhibition adressed to the youth, citizens of Wroclaw and guests. ENTRY:...

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National Muzeum of Wroclaw collection of modern art

FROM – TO: permanent WHERE: the Pavilion of Four Domes, Wystawowa Street 1 DESCRIPTION: Projected in 1912 by Hans Poelzig, the Pavilion of Four Domes after many decades was restored to original exhibition functions. In the modernized building will be presented one of the most interesting and the richest collection of Polish abstract art. Visitors will see works of, i. a. Magdalena Abakanowicz, Jerzy Beres, Wlodzimierz Borowski, Wladyslaw Hasior, Jan Lebenstein, Tadeusz Kantor, Alina Szapocznikow, Henryk Starzewski, Jerzy Tchorzewski. From the collection of Wroclaw, containing near 20 thousands elements, will be selected works representing all the disciplines of modern art: painting, sculpture, different spacial forms and installations, video, photography, documentation of performative actions. ENTRY: Tickets: 15-20...

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Marylin & Marlena – icons of femininity

FROM – TO: 1.07 – 10.08.2016 WHERE: the Centennial Hall, the Imperial Room, Wystawowa Street 1 DESCRIPTION: This year exhibition is dedicated to a collection of photos of Marylin Monroe and Marlena Dietrich made by Milton H. Greene. From 1st July to 10th August, in the specially arranged space of the Centennial Hall, there will be a posibility to see 140 masterpiece photos. The exhibition includes also photos from so called “black series” and is a third temporal exhibition showing a selection from, containing of more than 3200 elements, collection. ENTRY: Ticketed. Price: from 8 PLN. Tickets avalaible in the box office before...

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