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On 25th of July, we invite all pilgrims to join us in the Eucharist sending all WYD participants to Cracow, it will take place in Trzebnica, city located about 30km away from Wrocław. This city is known for its sanctuary of St. Jadwiga from Silesia. After the last goodbyes with host-ing families, participants of DiD’ will departure from Wrocław to Trzebnica by bus or by the special train. Train leaves from Main Railway Station at 8:50AM. At 11AM starts celebratory procession with St. Jadwiga’s relics. After that the Holy Mass sending Youth to Cracow. At 1:00PM meal distribution in the nearby of the Sanc-tuary, using meal tickets/ food stamps. Some groups will leave by bus to Cracow from Trzebnica, the rest will come back to Wrocław by train and then, in the evening, will departure to Cracow (also by train). All detailed information concerning the subject of trans-portation to/from Trzebnica, meal distribution in Trzebnica, departure to Cracow will be provided to you by your parish coordinator. Remember to double check if you have all required documents, IDs and other valua-bles objects with you, before you leave for...

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On 23rd of July, after all activities taking place on the Cathedral Island, there will be held the „Singing Europe” festival on the occasion of European Capital of Culture – Wrocław 2016. Three thousands of invited choirs singers from all over the Europe will together perform popular national songs, inviting all the participants to have fun and join the feast. Groups coming from abroad will also take part in the event (DiD’ participants, groups from Legnica’s and Świdnica’s dioceses), as well as the youth from our archdiocese and other invited guests (host families, „Singing Europe” festival’s participants). The meeting consists of two parts, each about 90 minutes long. The event will feature a performance of widely known singing nun- Cristina Scuccia. Duration: 3:00PM – opening of the entrance gates 3:30PM – 6:00PM – meals distribution 6:00PM – 9:30PM – concert “Singing Europe” featuring nun Cristina After the Holy Masses, every national group goes to the City Stadium by public transport. You should check Your voucher/ ticket to find your own place in the Stadi-um and also a suitable entrance for it (there are depict-ed on the map placed on the back of your voucher). If your place was located on the playing field You also obtain special bracelet before coming onto. From 3.30 PM in the Stadium zone meal is distribut-ed and the youth and families find their places...

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Events in Ostrów Tumski (the Cathedral Island)

On 23rd of July, starting from 9:30 AM Pilgrims will arrive at the Cathedral Island for the ceremonial passage through „the Gates of Mercy” and visit the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. From 9:30AM till 1PM you will be able to participate in various spiritual events organized by Wroclaw’s church groups and convents ( see schedule for events on the Cathedral Island). Starting at 12:00 noon there is planned a meeting with Archbishop of Wroclaw and Angelus (stage right by the Cathedra). At 1:30PM all groups will get along /?/ to appointed churches, in order to take part in the Eucharist, proceeded in their language groups. Information concerning subjects such as: getting to the Cathedral Island from the hosting parish, gathering place before getting to the appointed church (the Eucharist), transportation to the City Stadium. Please follow strictly tips and instructions assembled here. Answers to all possible questions, as well as help, you can get in three InfoPoints on the Cathedral Island. How do I get there? Buses and trams stop near the Cathedral Island pl. Bema: trams: 6, 11, 17, 23, 79 buses: 128, C Hala Targowa: trams: 11, 17, 23, 79 Dubois: trams: 6,7, buses: 144 Katedra: trams:2, 10 buses: A,C, N Ogród Botaniczny: trams: 9, 17, 79 buses: 128; A,...

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The MercyFest concerts will take place in 5 appointed places in Wrocław, on following dates: 21st, 22nd, and 24th of July. We would very much like to welcome You, as well as all citizens of Wrocław, to these events and the reason is simple, we want to get to know each other, have fun and pray together. Program of the MercyFest consists of: Integration of participants Presentations of Pilgrims form all around the world Concerts YWD call/ prayer On 21st and 22nd of July, from 4 PM to 6 PM near the spots of „MERCY FEST” pilgrims will receive a meal, after showing a food stamp. Where: South Park (Park Południowy) Karłowice – square by Jana Kasprowicza 45 Stre-et Rysia – square by Rysia Street Freedom Square (pl. Wolności) Teki – dorms area of Wrocław University of Technology by Wittiga Street Concerts schedule: 21st of July 2016 – duration 17:00 – 21:00 22nd of July 2016 – duration 17:00 – 19:00 24th of July 2016 – duration 17:00 – 21:00 We ask you to strictly follow the instructions, provided to you by your parish coordinator, concerning MercyFest and means of transportation enabling you to come back to the hosting family after the event. Bringing glass and sharp objects are strictly forbidden, for your own safety and for the safety of all participants. How to get there? MercyFest South Park...

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Mercy Day

On 22nd of July (Friday), together with volunteers from your hosting parish, you will participate in The Works of the Mercy. It’s an initiative, which was inspired by words of Pope Francis, who encourages us to be merciful and do the Works of Mercy every day. On that particular day, we want to see with those who are lonely, sick, in need and just do something useful and meaningful for other people. Detailed information will be available in the...

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