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What to do when…?

…I get lost in the city? …I don’t know where my group is? …I don’t know how to come back to my parish? …I am robbed? …I am late for a transportation and my group already left? …I lose my documents? In case of any situation mentioned above, first of all, get in touch with your group guardian. If this is impossible, please contact your parish coordinator. If this is impossible find the closest InfoPoint, give a volunteer your personal data, Cracow group number and they will help you contact your parish coordinator or find a solution to your problem ad hoc. Fill in a name and an address of your hosting parish in the pilgrim informational folder. …Lost/found somebody’s identity card(ID) / food stamp(voucher) / valuable object? All found objects during MercyFest should be taken to the closest InfoPoint. In case of a possession loss during events, you should look for it in the closest InfoPoint. After the MercyFest all found object are being transported to the Central InfoPoint located on the Cathedral Island (Katedralna 4 Street), open from 9AM till 9PM. In case of a loss, please contact Central InfoPoint first, in case your lost possession was already found by somebody else. Your next step should be reporting the theft to your group guardian or parish coordinator- they will help you. If you are still in the...

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Social Media:

You are welcome to follow all DiD’ events across our social media accounts: Święta Siostro Faustyno, módl się za nami. Facebook: WYD / SDM Wroclaw 2016 Snapchat: WYD/SDM Wroclaw 2016 (sdmwroclaw2016) Instagram: WYD/SDM Wroclaw 2016 (wyd_sdmwroclaw2016) YouTube: World Youth Day Wroclaw 2016/ Światowe Dni Młodzieży Twitter: WYD/SDM Wroclaw 2016 (@WYDWro) During the „DiD” week you can share your experience and pictures on FB and Twitter using the hashtag  #DWDWro,...

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1. From 20th till 25th of July (from 9AM till 9PM) InfoPoints are open in following locations: Central InfoPoint on the Cathedral Island, InfoPoints on Market Square and Main Railway Station. 2. During MercyFest concerts, there are open 5 InfoPoints, near every stage; open from 3PM till 9.30PM. 3. Lost/found office is located in the Central InfoPoint, on Cathedral...

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1. Every day your hosting family will provide you a breakfast and supper. 2. During morning hours, 2nd breakfast will be given to you in the hosting parish. 3. On 21st and 22nd of July, meals are going to be distributed in the city, from 4PM till 6PM, next to the 5 stages of MercyFest concerts. Every group has a specifically appointed stage. You cannot change your meal distribution spot. Please write down a name of the appointed stage, where you will be receiving your meal. 4. On 23rd of July meal is going to be distributed in the City Stadium from 3.30PM till 6PM- before a „Singing Europe” concert. 5. On 25th of July in Trzebnica, meals is going to be distributed near Sanctuary of St. Jadwiga in Trzebnica from 1PM till 3PM 6. To get a warm meal you have to show a proper food stamp/ voucher, which you will receive in the hosting parish with your ID card. Remember not to lose the food stamp and not to change your meal distribution place/ MercyFest...

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